A Vacation Like No Other: The Continuous Rise of Staycations

Eldrick Lim July 04, 2018

 Staycation  (n.)  stay·ca·tion  \ t?-k?-sh?n \

- a vacation spent at home or nearby

- your knight in shining armor


Staycations… it’s like that breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for after traversing the metro, that oasis in the middle of the desert or that light at the end of the tunnel… That is before you have to go through the metro, desert, and possibly another tunnel once again. You’ve been climbing a mountain of work all week and you actually reached the peak only to realize that there’s another peak to reach. A chance to refresh and prepare yourself for these challenges is all you need to keep going. Have a staycation!  Why you ask? Here’s why!

1. You're Exhausted

Your coffee rush weekdays can’t keep you going forever. Your job, obligations, and other responsibilities can drain you to the point of exhaustion. You may feel like giving up on everything at times. A rejuvenating staycation experience in a nearby hotel or resort may just be what you need to cure yourself of the “I’m too tired” bug.

2. It's Gonna be Worth It

Picture this: you’re holding a refreshing beverage on one hand and a book on the other as you lay back on your poolside chair enjoying the sunset, awaiting that massage you arranged, and expecting to see your lovely room once again. Oh, there’s also that continental buffet you’re gonna have the next day. You’ve done all this and you haven’t even left the city. Your bank account is also still intact after all that.

Staycations give you more than what you bargained for in such a short span of time. The value of each minute stay-cationing is too hard to pass up. They’re extremely worth it given the various staycation packages hotels and resorts offer. You’ll only be left feeling happy and satisfied by the end of your weekend.

3. You Deserve It!

Time to unwind and take advantage of the amenities. This is your time to shine! You’ve probably had a long tiring week with more tiring weeks to come. Give yourself a break and enjoy the food, service and hospitality, sights, pool, and many other things that hotels and resorts have equipped themselves with for your pleasure and satisfaction. Sit back, relax, and take a sip; your staycation spots will do the rest.

Moving Forward

In this fast-paced environment everyone moves in today, rest has become an essential necessity turned commodity. This demand for quality amenities and services, packaged with gastronomic food selections served at arm’s length to its market is a delectable platter well intended for hotel developers who wish to dig in. Quirks and features from unique room concepts to specialized swimming pools draw in many staycationers, who wish to take a breather. The city is not just for work; it’s also a place for a staycation. The expanding horizons of the market make it the best time to offer a staycation to everyone. This means more opportunities for hotels to quench the thirst of staycationers. Now is your moment to give others a staycation that can’t be refused.

PRIME Philippines envisions staycations to push the boundaries of the hotel industry. Offering a wide range of tailor-fit services, including hotel and resort management services, PRIME Philippines helps developers and investors, such as yourself, achieve business goals and success. Feel free to contact us today for a consultation at (+632) 442 8888 or (+63) 917 555 8222 or send us an email at [email protected] Let’s bring staycations even closer to home!


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