Surefire Signs That You Need Space

Patricia Sara • August 01, 2018

Walking in shoes that don’t fit can be damaging which can be likened to working in an office space that is not suitable anymore. Admit it, expanding your office space sounds intimidating and, more importantly, costly. But you don’t need to pour your money down the drain. When assessed and done properly, expanding headquarters can be an asset to your company. The main question now is: What are the surefire signs that it’s time to expand?


1. Cramped work spaces

Cramped office space, employees voicing out the need for a spacious desk, and documents flying all over the office due to lack of storage are some of the red flags that you must not ignore. Face it, your office space is now too small for your growing company and if not dealt with properly, this can greatly affect your employees. Just imagine having to go through a battlefield of your co-workers adjusting their seats every time you’ll go to the washroom or pantry, just so you can pass through or being powerless against an avalanche of stacked reports of your co-worker sitting on top of your desk since there’s no more space for storage. These things can be too much to handle as your employees focus on their deadlines.


2. Breakroom mishaps

Does your break room start to look like the pit area for concerts as employees start to cramp themselves and stand? This situation screams for an office upgrade. Your growing population is starting to dominate the area thus, a confined breakroom. The results? Unhygienic trash cans filled to the brim and a dirty pantry from too much foot traffic. Your office pantry is no longer the venue for water cooler talks and breaths of fresh air and instead, it’s slowly turning into your horrifying MRT Experience 2.0 and just like how you line up for that train ride, longer hours for break may be observed as your employees choose to dine elsewhere, equating to wasted time and less productivity.


3. Office-induced counter-productivity

Seems like your employees exhibit low productivity levels? This may be caused by their cramped work space where they frequently rub elbows to the insufficient space you have. Your office is starting to feel like a tropical country on its own as the aircon fails to keep your office cool (eventually, you can no longer tell your employees to take the chill pill.) Worst of all, your employees now dread the announcement of fresh bloods coming in.


4. Accept it, it’s time. Grow up.

Accepting that it’s your company’s time to thrive and flourish as one of the blaring reasons for office expansion will pave the way for you to gain more. As new equipment, volume hiring, and several plans for developing your company are some of the pretext why your office must be upgraded, veering away from office expansion will only limit your growth. That’s why accepting that expanding is a necessity for your growing business will be a vital factor in your business’s success in the long run.


Now that you’ve decided to expand, the pressing question would be: Where?


There are thousands of office spaces to choose from and expanding your office can really break the bank. Choosing an office space is a make-or-break deal. Let’s lift that burden for you and get aid from real estate consultants who can filter out and provide the best opportunities for your growing company. Talk to the leading commercial real estate consultancy firm in the country, PRIME Philippines, to know what office space is ideal for you. For further information, visit or call us at (+632) 442-8888.




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