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Ms. Charmaine • March 07, 2014

Ms. Charmaine is the Legal Documentation Officer of PRIME. She is in charge of the real estate contracts, legal issues and corporate accounts of the company. The BUCET Topnotcher for AB Political Science Department, Dean's Lister, Honorific Academic Achiever, Academic Awardee and a past Chairman of Sangguniang Kabataan.

Eager to have your own real estate investment now but having problems finding one? Many people really invest in buying real estate properties and criteria varies from person to person. There are some who want to buy in a secluded place, however, there are some who want to purchase in a highly urbanized area, and so on. Indeed, each individual has their own preference.

Man is a product of nature and nurture, thus, it’s an advantage to grow, to be exposed and live in a place where you are comfortable, which serves as your haven and worth living. Say for example, if you are planning to purchase your dream house, it is really difficult to find a house that perfectly fits your idea in mind, and there are times you already found one but there are factors to consider, such as the size, location, sustainability and financial consideration that serve as a deterrent to purchase that property. In the end, you settle for a property wherein you are not fully satisfied with. Never settle for less. Conceptualize your dream house now and let it come into reality and live the life you’ve always wanted. If you are having difficulty searching for property and having trouble negotiating the selling price, or you want to have a risk-free transaction, why not hire a licensed real estate agency? Hire one and give yourself the convenience to focus on other important matters.

Here are the top reasons why:


The task of a real estate agency is not limited to offering properties to prospective buyers. Hiring and dealing with a real estate agency is having a complete package of good research, negotiation and advisory skills, not to mention being a de facto lawyer. Real estate practice is not as easy as others might assume. Agents who represent an agency need to undergo thorough studies and in order to be more effective, experience is a plus factor. Aside from being a graduate of a four year course, they have to take additional units about real estate and pass the board examination to gain a license. Mere passing of the examination doesn't guarantee eventual success in the field, one has to acquire experience in the discharge of its functions. Real estate agencies generally make sure that their agents are licensed and experienced real estate professionals.


An agency’s job is to act as a link between buyers and sellers. As the procuring cause, its aim is for both parties to meet at the middle and arrive at a mutual agreement. One manifestation of having a successful deal is when both parties are satisfied. It means meeting the criteria of the buyer at the price acceptable to the seller.

Real estate agencies are knowledgeable with the legal aspects of real estate, their in depth understanding of it gives you an assurance that your rights as buyer are protected and terms in the contract are without prejudice to the provisions of law.

Buying a property requires the exercise of due diligence, which includes, among others, verification from the Registry of deeds whether the title really exists or its authenticity. Checking also whether the taxes are properly paid at the Assessor's office or whether there are unpaid taxes. Ocular inspection or the so-called “Walk the Line” is a neccessity to know the actual orientation and physical features of the property.

Aside from looking for properties or prospects, the agency extends its service to documentation such as titling process which normally takes three (3) to six (6) months. Titling process involves dealing with different government agencies like assessor’s office, treasurer's office, Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Registry of Deeds. Considering the time, effort and hassle, specifically the difficulty in transacting with these government agencies, it really pays to hire a real estate agency to do the tedious tasks. It provides convenience and peace of mind for the buyer.


Real estate agency, just like an army, adhere to the concept of “what you see, what you hear, leave it here”, confidential information are not divulged to a third party or to any other person which is not a party in interest to the transaction. The principal is their commander-in-chief, in which all their acts are commanded by the principal. And the agency should only act within the scope of their authority, same with the soldiers wherein they make actions upon the lawful orders of their superior, otherwise it will be tantamount to abuse of authority. But let it be noted that the commander-in-chief, just like a principal, is still a human being. They also need advise from their team, thus success of the transaction depends also on the sound recommendation of the agency and the willingness of the principal to accept it. Hiring an agency gives you an assurance that there will be no unjust disclosure of your confidential information.


We cannot say that real estate agency just care an iota to the personal interest of their clients, because in fact, aside from the monetary aspect, they are also after their client's satisfaction and welfare. Good agencies are not after a one-time transaction. They aim for long-term partnerships, those who have gained the trust and confidence of their clients, those in which you have established the so-called “relationship for keeps”. However, they isolate themselves from the emotional/subjective aspects of the transaction and always view things objectively. When agencies dwell on too much emotion, contracting parties may not arrive at a fair result.

Say for example, if you are selling your own property and a friend of yours or a family member offers to buy your property. Normally, the selling price in this type of transaction is lower as compared to the actual price of the property, and the price is distorted due to your emotional attachment towards that person, so your aim for the property was not achieved. Yes, the other party was satisfied because of the savings, but how about the one who acquired losses and merely consented to this just to save the good relationship of a friend or family member? This should not be the case. The transaction must be objective, both parties should be satisfied and both goals must be achieve otherwise the deal is purely one sided and therefore a failure.

Buying a property or selling it, is a mind-over-matter thing. Agencies help you be rational rather than emotional; they think first and expect a successful deal.


No human being is infallible, and sometimes they commit mistakes. However, most real estate agencies as much as they could, stay honest with their dealings. To stay longer in the real estate business, one must have credibility, be trustworthy and have a good reputation established through time. The fulfilment of the agency is not measured in terms of monetary gains. It is seeing satisfied clients after every successful sale. In fact, it is embedded in the Code of Ethics of Real Estate Service Practitioners, “The practitioner in accepting any authority, listing and/or assignment to act for and in behalf of a client shall be obliged with prudence, integrity, loyalty, fidelity and good faith in protecting and promoting the interest of the client without sacrificing the legitimate interest of the other party in the transaction which shall not be contrary to the law, good morals and public interest.” This is a clear manifestation that real estate agencies are there to protect both rights of the buyer and seller and making sure no one unjustly enriches himself at the expense of the other party.

Moreover, in times of conflict or if the agents commit a mistake, there's a company you can turn to that can provide valuable assistance to remedy the problem. It is better to transact with real estate agencies to minimize risk, normally, they avoid commiting fraud towards their clients since they have a reputation to protect, in addition they avoid employing fly by night agents. “Fly by night” agents are those agents who avoid their responsibilities with their clients after receiving commission, dealing with them gives you a great probability that you will be left hanging in the end.

Should you wish to deal with only one person, there are also many good and licensed agents wherein you can transact with but make sure to exercise due diligence by checking that person's credibility. To abridge this, always be careful with the transactions you are entering into. It is better to transact with licensed and reliable agencies. All you have today are fruits of your labor, you are entitled to enjoy it, to utilize it at its best, so don’t just waste it.

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