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In solidarity with you during this ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are committed to assisting you and your business as we navigate this path towards recovery, through our insights and services.

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Learn the sentiments and insights of nearly 500 landlords, occupiers and investors on the impact of COVID-19 in the overall economic and real estate business in the Philippines.


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Our extensive coverage of services are tailor-fit to needs that are emergent during this situation.

Business Resumption
Addressing pressing operational concerns post-lockdown with professional advice & recommendations based on market trends, with industry best practices in line with government-mandated guidelines
Real Estate Research
In-depth real estate market insights and advisory services providing property owners with valuable recommendations on a property’s best use, market readiness, design, and financial costs & returns, thereby assisting owners in making informed investment decisions.
E2E Project Consultancy
Experts from various fields come together to assist and advice investors, property owners, and developers on how to gain maximum returns from their vacant property or idle land.


Months after the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippine real estate landscape has been greatly affected. In this market report, the performance of each real estate sector - commercial land, hotel, office, retail, industrial, and residential - are discussed.

As the local property sector slowly transitions towards recovery, having a guided insight on how to navigate their businesses is key for real estate investors to successfully bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a look into the business resumption guide prepared by our brokerage teams to know more.

In line with PRIME Philippines’ commitment to continuously serve its clients amid the crisis, its Retail Brokerage and Advisory group initiated a check-up survey on more than 50 retail landlords and tenants across the Philippines to assess how businesses cope with the new normal. The survey was conducted from May 12 to 23, 2020.


Bouncing Forward for Retail Landlords: A Business Resumption Guide

June 23, 2020PRIME Philippines Retail Markets Team

In the property sector, the retail industry has been one of the most badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the mere three months since the escalation of cases in the country, it inflicted severe complications to the operations of businesses and profitability of retailers due to the enforced lockdowns and the looming fear among individuals.

Going Beyond “Buy and Sell”: Tackling the Post-Quarantine Commercial Property Market

June 17, 2020PRIME Philippines Commercial Property Investments

Not unknown to real estate practitioners and even those who merely dabble in the property market, “Buy and Sell” is a familiar investment tactic for many Filipinos seeking to make a profit off property turnovers. As the local real estate sector slowly moves into a buyer’s market and an influx of properties become available for sale, long-time buyers and new investors alike will be facing challenges in choosing the best investments.

Pivoting to Industrial Property Investment: A Business Resumption Guide

June 10, 2020PRIME Philippines Research & Advisory

In recent months, industry leaders and real estate practitioners alike have been touting the industrial property market as the “next big thing” or the “asset class to watch,” but what specific properties can be considered as worthwhile investments these days? How can one take advantage of the best deals on the market?

Real Estate Landscape amid Philippine Tourism Reactivation

June 04, 2020PRIME Philippines Research & Advisory

It is no secret that tourism has been one of the badly hit industries by the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite the crisis, the Department of Tourism (DOT) continues to think of ways on how to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic.

4 Ways Digitalization can Change the Property Sector

June 04, 2020PRIME Philippines Research & Advisory

The persisting uncertainty amidst the pandemic has been causing changes across markets. As players within the property industry adjust to the changing market conditions, the obvious and prevailing factor that facilitates these changes has been the inevitability of using technology.




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Shifting the Status Quo: Flexible Workspaces in the New Normal

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